Executive Programme 2024

Addressing Human Trafficking as part of Environmental, Social and Governance

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DATE: 26 January 2024

From 3:00 pm to 5:45 pm, Singapore Time (GMT+8)

This module is conducted in-person at ASSAS.
Participants outside Singapore may choose to attend this module via Zoom.

Speaker’s Profile

Erwann Tor

Senior Criminal Justice Practitioner

Erwann Tor is a Senior Criminal Justice Practitioner. As an Investigating Judge for more than 7 years, he dismanteled numerous organized crime cases. He focused on prevention and victim assistance as a Juvenile Court Judge then as a Judge of a Court of Appeal’s Family Chamber.

A Project Manager, Erwann developped and provided capacity building activities for Law Enforcement Agencies, Prosecutors and Judges together with representatives of the civil society and the private sector. He first acted in this role as an Adviser to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and lastly as a Special Adviser to the Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations and the International Organisations in Vienna, where he focused his action on fighting against Human Trafficking.

Along his career, he delivered expertise for practitioners in South Eastern Europe, North Africa, South Caucasus and Central Asia. Recently based in Singapore, he is expanding his contribution to Asia-Pacific.

This course covers how companies can increase their Environmental, Social and Governance by addressing Human Trafficking risks, through due diligence and beyond.

The UN Convention against transnational organized crime and its dedicated protocole provide a universal definition of Human Trafficking, which encompasses sexual and labor exploitation. While States parties have the obligation to tackle this crime and provide assistance to victims, the International community calls for more efficient responses to address the demand that fosters such forms of exploitation.

In more and more countries, a duty of diligence compels major companies to identify, prevent and end or mitigate the negative impact of their activities on Human Rights and the environnement. Beyond such mandatory approach, companies can adopt a wide range of measures to increase their Environmental, Social and Governance, by actively contributing to prevent, detect and combat Human Trafficking, with particular attention to the protection of victims.

As an introduction to the subject, the course will provide an overview of the global framework and trends of Human Trafficking. Participants will explore actions to adress related risks in companies.


26 January 2024 – 3.00 pm to 5.45 pm


Total 2h45


Assas campus, Singapore
Online attendance is also available

Programme Overview

DAY 1 Friday 26th January 2024

Part 1
(1.15 hrs)
3.00 pm › 4.15 pm

Understanding Human Trafficking risks in companies:

  • Frameworks and trends of Human Trafficking for sexual and labor exploitation 
  • Impact of anti-Human Trafficking regulations on companies

Coffee Break

4.15 pm › 4.30 pm
Part 2
(1 hr)
4.30 pm › 5.30 pm

Addressing Human Trafficking through due diligence and beyond:

  • Approaches to due diligence 
  • Responsible business initiatives against Human Trafficking in supply chains
5.30 pm › 5.45 pm


  • SGD 290 or EUR 200

CPD Accreditation:

CPD points: 2.5 Public CPD Points (TBC)
Practice area: International Law
Training category: General

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