LL.M. International Business Law


The LL.M. (Legum Magister) International Business Law is a full-time programme in Singapore that is open to all and can be completed within 9 months (October intake) or 12 months (January intake). For Paris Bar School (E.F.B.) candidates, there is a special partnership that enables them to complete the LL.M. in just 6 months, but only if they enroll in the January intake and meet specific conditions outlined below.

Programme information

Programme Name: LL.M. International Business Law
Level: Postgraduate
Duration: 9 months or 12 months (E.F.B. candidates: 6 months)
Delivery mode: Flexible, evening classes
Study method: Face-to-face & online
Two intakes: October and January

Benefits of doing the LL.M. part-time in Singapore

Our LL.M. programme provides an in-depth understanding of some of the most crucial and rapidly-changing fields of International Law, as well as a nuanced comprehension of the European legal system and culture. The programme is designed to cover both the Civil Law and Common Law approaches for each module. Additionally, we pride ourselves on fostering a serious, friendly, and energetic atmosphere that promotes a positive learning experience.

Programme Highlights:


Internationally renowned

France’s top law school, LL.M. taught in English.


Open to all professional profiles

This programme is not exclusive to legal practitioners.


Executive level programme

Min of undergraduate degree + work experience required.


International expertise

Taught by Paris-Panthéon-Assas University lecturers and international experts.

Upon completion of the LL.M. International Business Law, graduates will gain access to major European or Asian professional training schools, particularly Bar Schools, if they have a previous education in Law. Additionally, the programme is designed to prepare candidates to enter legal departments of international companies, even if they do not have prior experience in Law.

Paris Bar School (E.F.B.) Partnership

The LL.M. programme provides an opportunity for students of the Paris Bar School (EFB) to fulfill their “Projet Pédagogique Individuel” (P.P.I.) abroad, under optimal conditions. The course of study is arranged between January and June, allowing EFB students to complete their LL.M., dissertation, and PPI in just six months. As part of the program, EFB students will be required to write a dissertation under the supervision of one of the professors in charge of the seminars.

  • Prospective EFB students are allowed to apply for this LLM-PPI program before having the definitive results of the CRFPA exam.
  • Online applications only – see details and application deadlines below

Students from other Bar Schools (other EDAs, including HEDAC) are also eligible to apply under the same conditions of the EFB students.

Curriculum – 200 hours of teaching

The LL.M. programme includes 200 hours of teaching divided into 10 modules, along with approximately 50 hours of additional content. This additional content includes an exclusive 10-hour module taught by INSEAD professors, various soft-skill workshops, cultural tours, networking sessions, and other engaging activities designed to enrich the learning experience.

The LL.M. curriculum is designed to explore case studies and essential legal subjects from a transversal and multidisciplinary perspective. The course format for each module involves 10 hours of lecture-style classes taught by a professor from Paris-Panthéon-Assas University, followed by 10 hours of seminars led by local or regional industry experts. While there is no dissertation or research work required for this course, E.F.B. candidates (January intake) must complete such work. Additionally, the classes are scheduled in the evenings to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals.

International contracts

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Marie-Élodie Ancel, Markus Petsche

Syllabus: the legal and contractual scope and treatment applicable to international contracts.
Objectives and skills targeted: acquiring in-depth knowledge of the legal and contractual mechanisms governing the conclusion and performance of international contracts.

Mergers and Acquisitions

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Laurent Convert, C.L. Tan

Syllabus: the various forms of companies and concentrations between enterprises; the rules governing mergers and acquisitions in an international environment.
Objectives and skills targeted: acquiring the capacity to identify the different types of business mergers and to identify the most efficient legal structure.

International capital markets

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Thierry Bonneau, Li-Ling Ch’ng

Syllabus: the rules governing European and international capital markets.
Objectives and skills targeted: acquiring up-to-date knowledge of the stakes and mechanisms specific to European and global capital markets.

States and International Trade Law

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Stéphane Braconnier, Adrian Wong

Syllabus: main principles and rules of international trade law: international contracts and BOT; public-private international partnerships; litigation related to State contracts.
Objectives and skills targeted: acquiring in depth knowledge of legal mechanisms governing international public-private partnerships.

Competition Law

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Anne-Lise Sibony, Dominique Lombardi

Syllabus: main features of competition laws (anticompetitive practices and merger control) in the context of regional economic integration : EU competition law as a model.
Objectives and skills targeted: acquiring knowledge of European and international competition rules, both with regard to purpose and content, and with regard to application.

International Financing

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Tim Fourteau

Syllabus: characteristics of banking law at international level.
Objectives and skills targeted: acquiring knowledge of international financing rules and practice (syndicated loans, guarantees, financing of different assets, project financing).

Environmental and Sustainable Development Law

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Malik Laazouzi, Simo Dafir

Syllabus: the principles governing environmental policy and international and European environmental law.
Objectives and skills targeted: acquiring sufficient command of international environmental law for its implementation in the context of international trade.

International Arbitration

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Daniel Cohen, Oommen Mathew

Syllabus: resolving disputes through international arbitration (commercial, investment); the principles governing arbitration agreements, proceedings and awards.
Objectives and skills targeted: acquiring knowledge of law and practice of international arbitration.

International Tax Law

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Martin Collet, Dennis Tan

Syllabus: this course considers the international aspects of taxation and provides an introduction to the key issues of this branch of international law.
Objectives and skills targeted: the course highlights current practical issues faced by corporate taxpayers and States.

International Intellectual Property Law

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Jean-Christophe Galloux, Caroline Bérubé, Sharmini Lohadhasan

Syllabus: refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; patents; designs; names and images used in commerce.
Objectives and skills targeted: this course will focus on the international legal instruments which enables the right balance between the interests of innovators and the wider public interest

INSEAD Business Management

ECTS credits: n/a
Number of Hours: 10
Lecturers: Ziv Carmon, Andy Yap

› Finance
› Negotiations
› Marketing Strategy

All courses are delivered in English and take the form of seminars taught by professors from Paris-Panthéon-Assas University, as well as practitioners from law firms and major companies.

Tuition fees & Deadlines

Academic year: October to June
Possible exchange programme between Paris and Singapore campuses for four weeks, generally in May.

Conditions for application

  • Bachelor’s degree in Law (or equivalent), or alternative Bachelor degree with 4 years of professional experience.
  • Fluent English: must be attested by a recognised certificate such as IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, PTE, Erasmus courses or of course English mother tongue. As for the English certificates, candidates need a score of 7/9 for the IELTS, 90/120 for the TOEFL, 800/990 for the TOEIC or 64/90 for the PTE.
  • As the case may be, an interview with the Board of Professors will be organised to ascertain how far the candidate is interested in the LL.M. and its adequacy with his or her career plan.

For more information, you can send a request to our Admissions Team.

Students of French Bar Schools

French Bar School students have the opportunity to begin the LL.M. International Business Law program in January. Through a partnership with the Paris Bar School (EFB), the LL.M. can be obtained as part of the “Projet Professionnel Individualisé” (P.P.I.). Students may apply for the program before receiving their definitive results from the CRFPA exam. If admitted, they will follow the LL.M. from January to June 2025.

French Bar School students are exempt from the first two modules (40 hours) offered between October to December. They will attend the other eight modules (160 hours) from mid-January until June, and will be required to submit a thesis based on one of the ten modules taught in the program, under the guidance of the professor in charge of the selected module. The thesis will be graded on a 40-point scale, which is equivalent to two modules.

LL.M. Fees

  • Tuition fees: € 19,500

  • Early birds Tuition fees:  € 17,000 (Full payment by April 1st, 2024)

  • French Bar Students – EFB Tuition fees: € 16,000

This amount does not include transport, food or accommodation.

Tuition fees instructions are communicated upon student enrollment.

The early birds discount applies to any applicant whose application is accepted and who completes the full early bird payment by April 1st, 2024. 

In order to secure your seat in the course within the Paris campus, a first enrolment deposit (€4,000) is requested within 3 weeks following the reception of the admission letter. If the full amount is not paid by the beginning of the semester, students will not be allowed to attend the classes.

All fees must be paid by Bank transfer to the Paris-Panthéon-Assas University, and in all cases, all exchange or transfer charges are to be borne in full by the candidate.

Application: exclusively via Internet

LL.M. in International Business Law application deadline:

  • Deadline for application submission: 15th September each year.
  • Deadline for application submission for EFB students: 15th December each year.

Online application through our website only, starting from January: 

You will need to submit:

  • a completed online application form,
  • transcripts (in English or French) of your first degree or any other relevant qualification,
  • IELTS, TOEIC or TOEFL language test,
  • and 2 letters of reference.
  • Non-refundable 80 Euro application fee

For more information, you can send a request to our Admissions Team.

Application decision

On average 10 working days after the submission of the application form.

What is it like to study on the LL.M.?

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