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  • Linah Leuters

    LL.M. in European Law 2023 – Paris

    “The LL.M. in European Law at Université Panthéon-Assas has broadened my horizons in many different ways. First of all, I was able to deepen my expertise in the substantial EU law, but also to gain insights into new areas due to the broad curriculum.

    It has provided me with a valuable perspective on the EU’s general approach and fundamental values. Not only have I enjoyed learning from excellent professors with great expertise in their various fields, but also from fellow students from all over the world. Interacting with inspiring people from different legal systems while forming friendships has made the experience even better than I ever imagined it could be.”

  • Niklas Täuber

    LL.M. in European Law 2023 – Paris

    “The LL.M. in European Law as taught at University Panthéon Assas has a unique approach to teaching European Union Law. It dives into the areas of EU law which have the most impact on the economy and the day-to-day life of European citizens, while still keeping the EU’s broader structures and its history in sight.

    The courses are taught by scholars and practitioners from all over Europe, helping the students learn about the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of European Union law. This opportunity is fostered by excursions to the EU institutions, which bring students in touch with all kinds of practitioners involved with Union law and offer a variety of insights for potential future careers.”

  • Nilsu Narinç

    LL.M. AWArDS 2023 – Paris

    “It was an honour and a pleasure to be part of this LL.M. programme (Assas World Arbitration and Dispute Settlement) held at Paris-Panthéon-Assas University.

    I would like to thank Mr. Malik Laazouzi for providing us with a very enriching program. I would also like to express gratitude to all our professors for broadening our knowledge of international arbitration. I am very grateful for the journey and excited for what’s to come.”

  • Marco Portillo

    LL.M. AWArDS 2023 – Paris

    “The LL.M. AWArDS gives you a unique insight into International Arbitration, as well as invaluable tools for your professional life. You learn from world-class professors, seasoned practitioners and also from your fellow students. Diversity enriches the LLM, given that the students come from different countries, professional backgrounds and legal traditions.

    Finally, you become part of the arbitration community in Paris, which is not only an extremely beautiful city, but is also one of the preferred seats for arbitration in the world.”

  • Belinda Vacher

    LL.M. 2022′ – Mauritius

    “It is an amazing programme which covers both European and Mauritian Law with a lot of interaction with business practitioners. There have been several instances in which this LL.M. programme has been very fruitful in my professional career and in my day-to-day life.

    There is also a lot of flexibility, with a hybrid version of both online and physical courses. Paris-Panthéon-Assas University is today considered as one of the best European Law School which is already actually a pledge of quality, prestige, and recognition.”

  • Laurence Codsi

    LL.M. in European Law 2022 – Paris

    “It was a unique and transformative experience that I will never forget. The rich and varied curriculum offers a comprehensive and global picture of the functioning of the European Union.

    The program provides students with amazing opportunities not only in Europe, but also internationally. This LLM brings together bright, motivated students from all over the world and all walks of life. The intimate format of the seminars encourages student participation and interaction, and the diversity of perspectives and backgrounds makes the exchanges even more interesting and profound.

    The bonds and friendships that develop during the year are precious and solid, and enable us to develop a network of contacts across the globe. I highly recommend the experience. As you will discover… Paris est une fête!”

  • Georgios Rallis

    LL.M. AWArDS 2022 – Paris

    “The LL.M Assas World Arbitration and Disputes Settlement is exceptional. The program delivers International Arbitration in a truly international setting, in Paris, the world’s Seat of Arbitration, by the University Paris-Panthéon-Assas, which is intrinsically tied to the French legal tradition, offering its students the best of both worlds.

    The experience was immensely constructive. Being taught by the means of academic classes dispensed by renowned professors in the field, as well as by leading practitioners was both an honor and a privilege. Practically, the LL.M covers all aspects of International Arbitration, specializing in subjects which are applied for a future career in the field.”

  • HE Abdulla Al-Nuaimi

    LL.M. International Business Law – UAE

    Assistant Undersecretary at Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation

    “Graduating from Paris-Panthéon-Assas University is a distinct privilege and opportunity. I was honoured to have been part of this program, where I gained knowledge, and developed my skills, in addition to building a network of professional relationships with my colleagues. It has been an exceptional journey.”

  • Hanan Ahmad

    LL.M. International Business Law – UAE

    Chief Strategy & Corporate Affairs Officer, Du Telecom

    “As a Company Secretary and a governance professional of one of the largest listed public companies in the UAE, I have found this course to be beneficial and believe it would further help me succeed in my role. Having a legal background will allow me to support my Board and ensuring that the company complies with regulatory standards in an increasingly regulated world- it goes without saying that this is no mean feat. What has also attracted me to joining the program is the exceptional approach of teaching law not only in the views and experienced from different disciplinary traditions and jurisdictions but also the current practice in the UAE. It will surely open one’s mind and lead globally.”

  • Deepa Carbon

    LL.M. International Business Law – UAE

    CEO – Strategy and Future Insights at Dubai Economy and Tourism Exec. Vice President

    “This ‘first-of-its-kind’ collaboration between the University of Paris II and DIFC to bring the LLM curriculum to the UAE has been an exemplary demonstration of academia and legislation coming together with practical business in a global context. At a personal level, the opportunity to be part of the inaugural cohort has been a truly memorable experience, enriched by the diversity of the class and the engagement of the faculty. As an expatriate woman in an executive leadership role across two tourism and business entities in Dubai, the exposure provided by this LLM programme has been exceptionally rewarding. From tackling advancements in international legislations, to practical implications of cross-border regulations across corporate and government, the curriculum was not only well rounded, but also effectively adapted to cater for a dynamically evolving business ecosystem. I trust that this is the start of a long legacy for the school with our country, and a benchmark for academia that will lead the future of education beyond the legal field.”