Alumni Testimonials

Lorraine De Groot
Singapore campus 2020

“Being a student in the LLM was a unique opportunity to learn more about international law subjects with professors coming from Assas and local lawyers. The diversity of students’ nationalities in the class makes it possible to approach these topics from a comparative law perspective. I particularly enjoyed the practical negotiation courses which are both useful in mediation and contract negotiations.”

Daniela Peñaranda
Paris campus 2020

“I found the LL.M. to be a remarkably interesting and rewarding pursuit. The programme’s curriculum is structured to provide a broad perspective on some of today’s most relevant issues in international business law. As the subject matter was taught by a mix of tenured university faculty and leading practitionners from esteemed law firms, we acquired theorical as well as practical insights on the material. Our class was composed of students, which  provided and enriching combination of perspectives from a variety of legal systems and cultures.”

Hessa Tahlak
Dubai campus 2019

“LL.M. programme for me was the right programme at the right time. The way the programme is composed and the modules are designed, is very much suitable for people whom are very committed with full time jobs however eager to join a master programme and get the degree. In addition, the combination of theory and practice in teaching plus local and international expertise in delivering the programme, made this programme different and unique. I am glad to be part of it and looking forward to see next batches joining the programme.”

Sanjay Gopaul
Mauritius campus 2018

“It was an intense journey and a rewarding experience in my career. I am pleased to have graduated top of the class and humbled to have been conferred the award for being the record-holder of all LLM programmes of Pantheon-Assas across all years and countries so far. This would not have been possible without the benefits of the rich interactions of my class and the lecturing staff. The programme combines distinctive theoretical subjects and practical case studies, all delivered by top-notch lecturers, themselves internationally recognised authorities in their respective fields. All of these combined, give us the tools to sharpen our professional thinking.”

Karina Vlahos
Paris campus 2018

“In this LL.M., technical and practical legal issues come together. It is tailor-made to develop your academic skills and associate them with your day-to-day work. The professors, both in academic and practical areas, are all experts in their fields, and they have certainly contributed a lot to the success of this programme. On top of that, it was a great opportunity to meet my colleagues that came from all over the world and to exchange experiences from different standpoints in such a friendly studying environment.”

Anne-Victoire de Mirman
Singapore campus 2018

“The LL.M combines theoretical courses taught by renowned Professors, with seminars by enthralling professionals practising in Asia.

This dual approach covering a wide spectrum of legal and business issues enabled me to greatly improve my knowledge in International Business Law, and to start a legal career with useful, complementary and strong skills. Moreover, thanks to the LL.M network, I had the opportunity to get a part-time internship, an amazing professional experience that gave me the chance to deeply understand the practical legal stakes of the prospering APAC market.”

Shaan Kundomal
Mauritius campus 2016

“The LL.M. Programme has proved particular relevant in my field, international corporate structuring and international finance. The flexibility and frequency of courses meant that I could fulfil my professional obligations in Mauritius and abroad. Being able to interact with the top notch professors from one of best law schools in France, while being in Mauritius has been a wonderful experience.”

Luiza Berlini
Singapore campus 2016

“The LL.M is a very good opportunity because it combines theory with practice, which enables huge professional growth and a good preparation for the international market. Having professors and students from all over the world enriches the experience and provides a different perspective in International Business Law. In addition, the opportunity to study in Singapore is a unique chance to experience the dynamism of the Asian market and its different cultures.”

Laurens Schellekens
Paris campus 2016

“When I graduated last year from my LL.M. in International & European Law I was looking for another LL.M. in another field of law that always interested me, namely business law. After exploring my options and comparing different universities offering this LL.M., I decided to apply for the LL.M. IBL at Sorbonne-Assas International Law School for several reasons: it offered by far the most interesting program; furthermore, I really enjoyed the dual “approach”, which makes this program stand out when compared to other LL.M.’s. The program consists of two parts, where the first part is focused on the theories (given by topnotch professors), the second part is the practical part, where we were taught how everything works in real life, by the best law firms and their practitioners. Finally, the possibility to take part in an exchange program at INSEAD Singapore convinced me that I wanted to be part of this prestigious program. Thanks to this LL.M. I expanded my knowledge of business law, improved my languages, made a lot of new friends, from all over the world and was able to secure my dream-job.”

Marin Houette
(EFB Student) Singapore campus 2016

“This LL.M. program, on the campus of Singapore, is one of the best experiences I had, both professionally as well as culturally. I found the overall program insightful, in particular thanks to its practical approach. The possibility to work aside allowed me to have an overview of doing business in Asia, which is really helpful for an international career.”

Vinayagan Dharmarajah
Singapore (2015)

“The program is both academically sound and commercially relevant, and its wide ranging focus on various aspects of business law will enable legal practitioners to better appreciate the multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary and inter-connected nature of international commercial transactions. The exceptional quality and knowledge base of the Paris II academic faculty and the clear, solution focussed and practically relevant approach adopted by the teaching practitioners are the key elements that give this program its enduring value.”

Marine Legendre
Singapore (2014) | EFB Student (J.-Y. Le Borgne)

“As a bar student, the LL.M. was an extremely beneficial experience: the theoretical and practical modules offer a deep and solid understanding in a broad range of international business law. Studying in the heart of south East Asia’s dynamism also was an extraordinary opportunity to meet people from various professional backgrounds, in particular during events organized by the LL.M., and led me to think about a personal professional project in the area.”

David Lee
Singapore (2013)

“Studying the LLM at the prestigious Sorbonne University gives me an opportunity to learn from its renowned faculty and experienced practitioners on the latest issues concerning international business law subjects like International Arbitration, Competition Law and Corporate Finance.  The flexible schedule also allows me to work and study at the same time, which is a big plus as I can apply what I learn immediately to my work.  Finally, the many inter-cultural exchanges between the faculty and the students provide a good balance to the academics.  As such, I would highly recommend to anyone considering a LLM program now.”

Ana Carolina Moreira Garcia
Paris (2012)

“This LLM has a very innovative, international and practical approach. On the Paris Campus, the best thing for me (us) was to have the opportunity to share experiences among participants with different backgrounds, to benefit from proeminent professors and to visit and learn from the major international law firms.”