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Marie-Élodie Ancel

Professor – International Contracts

Alexandre Ancel

Visiting Lecturer

Jean-Jacques Ansault

Professor – Company Law

Pierre-Emmanuel Audit

Associate Professor in Private Law – LL.M. Harvard Law School – New York Bar – PhD in Private Law | Basic Rules and Principles of Law – Personal and Family Law

Daren Prithiviraj Balluck

Magistrate – Criminology and Criminal Procedure

Denis Baranger

Professor – Comparative Constitutional Law

Lilïa Ben Romdan

Academic Lecturer – Legal Research, Skills and Methods

Caroline Bérubé

Visiting Lecturer

Jean-François Boisvenu

Visiting Lecturer

Thierry Bonneau

Professor – International Capital Market

Vinod Boolell

Magistrate – Law of Evidence

Philippe Bordachar

Academic Lecturer – International Trade Law

Jean-Sébastien Borghetti

Professor – Basic Rules and Principles of Law

Etienne Boursican

Visiting Lecturer

Stéphane Braconnier

Professor – President of the University

Camille Broyelle

Professor – Administrative Law

E’jaaz Bundhun-Puddoo

Barrister – Tutorials – Basic Rules and Principles of Law

Imaan Bundhun-Puddoo

Barrister – Tutorials – Law of Contract