LL.M. International Business Law

A part-time LL.M. International Business Law

In Mauritius, the LL.M. International Business Law is a part-time programme open to all and that can be completed within 9 months. Paris Bar School (E.F.B.) candidates can benefit from a special partnership and complete this LL.M. in 6 months (January intake only – see conditions below).

Programme information

Programme Name: LL.M. International Business Law
Level: Postgraduate
Duration: 9-month (E.F.B. candidates: 6 months)
Delivery mode: Flexible, evening classes
Study method: Face-to-face
Intake: November

As is the case across all our international campuses (Dubai, Mauritius, Paris and Singapore), this LL.M. International Business Law is a ‘Diplôme d’Université’ Masters programme awarded by Université Paris-Panthéon-Assas (Bac+5 level).

Benefits of doing the LL.M. part-time in Mauritius

The LL.M. will give you an in-depth understanding of some of he most important and rapidly-changing fields of Law and a nuanced understanding of European legal system and culture. All of that in a serious, friendly and energetic atmosphere!

Programme Highlights:


Internationally renowned

France’s top law school, LL.M. taught in English.


Open to all professional profiles

This programme is not exclusive to legal practitioners.


Executive level programme

Min of undergraduate degree + work experience required.


International expertise

Taught by Paris-Panthéon-Assas University lecturers and international experts.

Paris Bar School (E.F.B.) Partnership

The LLM offers students of the Paris Bar School (EFB) the opportunity to complete their “P.P.I.” (Projet Pédagogique Individuel) abroad under optimal conditions. The course of study is arranged between January and June.

Evening classes allow EFB students to do a 3-month internship in a law firm or a company in Mauritius, practicing international business law. The internship is an integral part of the LL.M. and thus contributes to the validation of the PPI, in accordance with an agreement concluded in September 2019 between the Paris 2 Pantheon-Assas University and the EFB. In 6 months, EFB students can obtain an LL.M., complete an internship and validate their PPI abroad. For EFB student who does not want to pursue an internship, they will have to write a thesis under the supervision of one of the Professors in charge of the seminars.

  • Prospective EFB students are allowed to apply for this LLM-PPI program before having the definitive results of the CRFPA exam.
  • Online applications only – see details and application deadlines below

Curriculum – 200 hours of teaching

The LL.M. includes 200 hours of teaching, 10 courses of 10 hours each, each course paired with a seminar of 10 hours.

It will concentrate on case studies and deepen key legal subjects from a transversal and pluridisciplinary perspective. The course format for the modules involves 10 hours of lecture-style classes taught by a professor from Paris-Panthéon-Assas University, followed by 10 hours of seminar given by local/regional industry experts. There will be no dissertation or research work on this course, except for E.F.B. candidates (January intake) not pursuing an internship. Classes are taught in the evenings and on Saturday so as to suit the timetable of working professionals.

International contracts

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Marie Goré

Syllabus: the legal and contractual scope and treatment applicable to international contracts.
Objectives and skills targeted: acquiring in-depth knowledge of the legal and contractual mechanisms governing the conclusion and performance of international contracts.

Mergers and Acquisitions

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Antoine Gaudemet

Syllabus: the various forms of companies and concentrations between enterprises; the rules governing mergers and acquisitions in an international environment.
Objectives and skills targeted: acquiring the capacity to identify the different types of business mergers and to identify the most efficient legal structure.

International capital markets

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Thierry Bonneau

Syllabus: the rules governing European and international capital markets.
Objectives and skills targeted: acquiring up-to-date knowledge of the stakes and mechanisms specific to European and global capital markets.

States and International Trade Law

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Stéphane Braconnier

Syllabus: main principles and rules of international trade law: international contracts and BOT; public-private international partnerships; litigation related to State contracts.
Objectives and skills targeted: acquiring in depth knowledge of legal mechanisms governing international public-private partnerships.

Competition Law

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Laurence Idot

Syllabus: main features of competition laws (anticompetitive practices and merger control) in the context of regional economic integration : EU competition law as a model.
Objectives and skills targeted: acquiring knowledge of European and international competition rules, both with regard to purpose and content, and with regard to application.

International Financing

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Caroline Kleiner

Syllabus: characteristics of banking law at international level.
Objectives and skills targeted: acquiring knowledge of international financing rules and practice (syndicated loans, guarantees, financing of different assets, project financing).

Environmental and Sustainable Development Law

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Malik Laazouzi

Syllabus: the principles governing environmental policy and international and European environmental law.
Objectives and skills targeted: acquiring sufficient command of international environmental law for its implementation in the context of international trade.

International Arbitration

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Daniel Cohen

Syllabus: resolving disputes through international arbitration (commercial, investment); the principles governing arbitration agreements, proceedings and awards.
Objectives and skills targeted: acquiring knowledge of law and practice of international arbitration.

International Tax Law

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Martin Collet

Syllabus: this course considers the international aspects of taxation and provides an introduction to the key issues of this branch of international law.
Objectives and skills targeted: the course highlights current practical issues faced by corporate taxpayers and States.

International Intellectual Property Law

ECTS credits: 6
Number of Hours: 20
Lecturers: Jean-Christophe Galloux

Syllabus: refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; patents; designs; names and images used in commerce.
Objectives and skills targeted: this course will focus on the international legal instruments which enables the right balance between the interests of innovators and the wider public interest

All courses are delivered in English and take the form of seminars taught by professors from Paris-Panthéon-Assas University, as well as practitioners from law firms and major companies.

Admission and fees for the LL.M. in Mauritius

Application Deadlines

  • 31st August, 2023 (November 2023 Intake)
  • International & EFB Candidates: 30th September, 2023 (January 2024 Intake).

For more information, you can send a request to our Admissions Team.

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