Executive Programme 2024

Generative AI: A practical approach to governance and due diligence

DATE: Tuesday 16th July 2024

From 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm, Singapore Time (GMT+8)

This module is conducted in-person at ASSAS.
Participants outside Singapore may choose to attend this module via Zoom.

Speaker’s Profile

Brindha Devi

Vice President – Temasek

Brindha Devi is Vice President in the Legal & Regulatory Department at Temasek International Pte Ltd. With 15 years of legal experience in technology, data, and cybersecurity across public and private sectors, she previously served as Technology Counsel with GIC.

At Temasek, she leads the legal team for AI, Data Governance, and Cybersecurity and co-leads Technology Compliance and Third-Party Risk Management. Brindha focuses on the convergence of legal, regulatory, and policy developments impacting AI and Cybersecurity, contributing her expertise at legal forums and conferences.

Generative AI (GAI) is transforming business productivity, creativity, and customer experience. This seminar offers a practical guide to AI governance, addressing legal and ethical issues.

Artificial Intelligence is certainly not new; however, recently commercialised Generative AI (GAI) is expected to have the largest impact on businesses, particularly on productivity, enhancing creativity, innovation, and customer experience.

There are nonetheless significant risks and challenges in adopting GAI at scale. As adoption outpaces regulation in many jurisdictions, legal professionals will increasingly be called upon to provide first-line guidance to clients on the legal, ethical, and corporate governance issues that need to be addressed.

Artificial intelligence’s power of disruption is also becoming an increasingly important consideration in M&A transactions across all sectors and jurisdictions. It is incumbent on legal professionals to consider the impact this will have on their existing investment due diligence processes.

This seminar thus provides an introduction to a practical, principle-based approach to AI governance and due diligence to enable the adoption, use, and investment in Generative AI in a responsible, ethical, and compliant manner.


Tuesday 16th July 2024 – 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm


Total 1.5 hours


Assas campus, Singapore
Online attendance is also available

Programme Overview

Tuesday 16th July 2024

Generative AI: A practical approach to governance and due diligence
(1.5 hours)
2.00 pm › 3.30 pm
  • Introduction to Gen AI Governance Principles
  • Introduction to Gen AI Investment Due Diligence Framework
  • Practical Application: Hypothetical Scenario


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  • In person rate: SGD 50.

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Practice area: Telecommunications, Media &
Training category: General

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