Pierre-Emmanuel Audit

Associate Professor in Private Law – LL.M. Harvard Law School – New York Bar – PhD in Private Law | Basic Rules and Principles of Law – Personal and Family Law

Stéphane Braconnier

Professor – President of the University

Jérôme Chacornac

Associate Professor – Private Law

Martin Collet

Professor – Public and Tax Law

Estelle Fragu

PhD in Law, Associate Professor – Law of Contract

Jean-Christophe Galloux

Professor Intellectual Property

Antoine Gaudemet

Professor – Mergers and Acquisitions

Marie Goré

Professor – International Contracts

Malik Laazouzi

Dean of the LL.M. in International Business Law (Mauritius) | Commercial and International Arbitration

Guillaume Leyte

Dean of the Dubai campus

Carlo Santulli

Professor – Public International Law

UAE Campus

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