Executive Programme 2024

Global AI Compliance: Understanding the European AI Act’s Impact for EU and non-EU Lawyers

DATE: Monday 15th July 2024

From 2:30 pm to 5:45 pm, Singapore Time (GMT+8)

This module is conducted in-person at ASSAS.
Participants outside Singapore may choose to attend this module via Zoom.

Speaker’s Profile

Professor Dov Greenbaum

Director of the Zvi Meitar Institute

Professor Dov Greenbaum is director of the Zvi Meitar Institute for Legal Implications of Emerging Technologies at Reichman University.

Prior to becoming a litigator and patent prosecutor, Dov obtained a PhD in Genetics/Bioinformatics – a field converging biology and computer science. Dov has degrees and postdocs from Yale University, Berkeley, Stanford and ETH Zurich.

In addition to teaching numerous law courses at the intersection of law and technology, Dov is also a professor designate at the soon to be established Dina Recanati School of Medicine and a lecturer in Biomedical Informatics and Data Science at Yale University. He is a IAPP certified privacy professional.

Gain insights into the extraterritorial implications of the upcoming European AI Act and its impact on the international practice of law.

This concise, 3-hour workshop is tailored to equip both EU and non-EU lawyers with essential insights into the emerging EU AI legislation, which is poised to influence international legal practices profoundly.

Even though the European AI Act has not yet been implemented, its ultimate extraterritorial reach and potentially onerous fines means that it will impact not only EU-based but also non-EU AI providers or deployers engaging with the EU market.

The session will provide a thorough overview of the proposed law’s structure, focusing on pivotal definitions and categorizations of AI systems under EU law. It will delve into the challenges and compliance obligations that EU and non-EU lawyers may need to manage when their practices intersect with EU jurisdictions. By the end of this workshop, participants will be better prepared to strategically address the legal intricacies presented by the European AI Act in their global operations, ensuring compliance and adeptly navigating the international legal landscape.


Monday 15th July 2024 – 2.30 pm to 5.45 pm


Total 3 hours


Assas campus, Singapore
Online attendance is also available

Programme Overview

Monday 15th July 2024

Global AI Compliance: Understanding the European AI Act’s Impact for EU and non-EU Lawyers
2.15 pm › 2.30 pm
Understanding the EU AI Act
(1.5 hours)
2.30 pm › 4.00 pm

This module introduces the fundamental aspects of the upcoming European AI Act, focusing on its scope, definitions, and the classification of AI systems. Participants will explore the structure of the law and its extraterritorial reach, understanding how it applies to entities both EU and non-EU legal practices.

4.00 pm › 4.15 pm
Compliance and Strategic Adaptation
(1.5 hours)
4.15 pm › 5.45 pm

This second half of the module delves into the compliance requirements and legal challenges posed by the European AI Act for international legal practitioners. It offers practical strategies for navigating these regulations and adapting legal practices to meet the new global standards set by the EU, ensuring that EU and non-EU attorneys are well-prepared to handle these changes in their international dealings.


  • SGD 290 or EUR 200

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CPD points: 3 Public CPD Points
Practice area: Telecommunications, Media &
Training category: General

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