Why study in Dubai

The branched off courses of the Paris-Panthéon-Assas University in Dubai is meant both to align itself with the overarching educational mission of the mother university in Paris, a longstanding 13th century old knowledge hub, while enhancing the needs and aspirations of the Emirates of Dubai as outlined in Dubai Vision 2021, by providing the highest quality education of world renown at affordable cost, in line with its being a public non for profit institution of higher learning. The Paris-Panthéon-Assas University branched off international courses in Dubai aim to expose the brightest students of the UAE to the finest quality of knowledge that a law school could offer with courses that are in line with the vision of the UAE leadership and the local culture, and that live up to their highest aspirations. It purports to contribute to forming the country’s elites by bringing to their threshold the know-how of accumulated knowledge of 13 centuries of broadly gauged knowledge and deeply focused research.

Dubai is ranked as one of the most visionary destinations in the world. It is continuously pursuing its strategy of being a knowledge leader not only in the region, but in the world, in addition to a dynamic destination focused on innovation, trade and commerce. With a huge number of Fortune companies choosing the city as their regional base, many young people consider moving there for study and then working, as the high number of job openings makes Dubai a true career catalyst.

The emirate also offers a perfect living environment for students both local or from abroad. Not only is Dubai a modern seaside city with an international society and cuisine where the sun is present all year round, the emirate is becoming more and more welcoming to students since recent legislative changes offering extended student visas and post-graduation visas, in addition to the basic student visa renewable yearly. Dubai keeps its promise of being a welcoming and safe city, offering a quiet lifestyle and rich student experience.

Programmes offered

In Dubai, Assas International offers 2 different programmes:

  • The LL.M. (Legum Magister -Master in Laws) in International Business Law deals mainly with practical case studies and certain  key subjects, with a pluridisciplinary focus. It prepares students  and professionals for operations such as large acquisitions or market  transactions,  cross  border  mergers,  complex  financing,  restructuring,  LBOs,  financial  engineering,  and  industrial  projects.  These  are interesting  operations,  offering  difficulties  that  often  lead  to  innovative solution seeking. It is particularly educational to study them and analyse  the  legal,  financial  or  accounting  issues  raised.  Thus,  contracts,  guarantees,  financing  and  international trade  litigation, among other basic subjects, can be studied from different angles.
  • The Bachelor of Laws, LL.B. (Hons) course

The campus

Our Dubai Campus is hosted by the DIFC Academy. The Academy is thus located in the heart of the DIFC, a renowned business center home to over 24,000 professionals working across 2,200 companies. In addition, the bustling financial district is home to fine dining, renowned art galleries amidst breathtaking architecture.

With dedicated facilities located in the bustling DIFC Gate Village, the DIFC Academy puts world-class technology and audio-visual infrastructure in the hands of students, lecturers and professors. With a wide range of flexible teaching spaces, from large auditoriums to smaller seminar rooms, The Academy serves all types of learning methods, teaching scenarios and delivery methods.

UAE Campus

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