Daniel Cohen

Professor – Dean of Paris Campus

Irvin Collendavelloo

Barrister – Law of Obligations

Martin Collet

Professor – Public and Tax Law

Sabine Corneloup

Professor – Private International Law

Caroline Coupet

Professor – Company Law

Olivier Descamps

Professor – English Legal System

Aurélie Duffy-Meunier

Professor – Administrative Law

Quentin Epron

PhD in Law, Associate Professor – Comparative Legal and Judicial Systems

Tania Farah

Academic Lecturer – Basic Rules and Principles of Law | Personal and Family Law

Idris Fassassi

Professor – Legal Sources and Reasoning

Julian Fernandez

Professor – International Affairs

Estelle Fragu

PhD in Law, Associate Professor – Law of Contract

Jean-Christophe Galloux

Professor Intellectual Property

Antoine Gaudemet

Professor – Mergers and Acquisitions

Claudia Ghica-Lemarchand

Professor – Criminal Law

Marie Goré

Professor – International Contracts

Thibault Guilluy

Professor – Comparative Constitutional Law

Johanne Hague

Visiting Lecturer