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Pauline Le Monnier de Gouville

PhD in Law, Associate Professor – Criminology and Criminal procedure

Senior Lecturer of Criminal Law, her research work and teachings cover Criminology, General and Special Criminal Law, Criminal procedure. She is director of studies for the entrance exam to the regional professional training center for lawyers, and scientific director of the legal journal La Gazette du Palais. She investigates the criminal phenomenons from all aspects (juvenile delinquency, sexual violence, homicides, “traditional” crimes, State crimes, organised crime, white-collar crime, etc.). The prevention and treatment of delinquency is another key subject (deterrent function of the sentence, factors of recidivism, factors of desistance, evidence-based models of treatment of offenders). This generalist approach is based on all social, legal, human and medical sciences (law, sociology, history, social psychology, psychiatry, genetics, neuroscience, etc.).