“Le quotient culturel” – Presentation in French by Véronique Helft-Malz

Tuesday 8th December, from 6pm to 8pm
Sorbonne-Assas International Law School
INSEAD campus, 1 Ayer Rajah Avenue – Singapore 13867 – Boardroom 1017

Come and join us for a presentation on the Cultural Quotient with Mrs Véronique Helft-Malz who will share about her researches.

Cultural Quotient [CQ] or Cultural Intelligence can be understood as the ability to relate and work effectively across cultures. The main focus will be the specificities of Asian culture and values. Indeed, adapting to the demands of multiculturalism helps avoid often-encountered pitfalls.

Cultural Quotient is the term used in academic research, in business, and in education. Originally CQ was developed through a research carried out by Soon Ang and Linn Van Dyne as the means for measuring and predicting the intercultural performance. According to Ang and Van Dyme, cultural intelligence can be defined as the ability of a person to adapt and the way it interacts with others of different cultural regions and how to change certain behavioral aspects of motivation and cultural metacognitives. Cultural Quotient is measured on a scale similar to the one used to assess the Intelligence Quotient of an individual. People with the highest CQ are considered more able to blend successfully in any environment.


About the speaker

Véronique Helft-Malz lives in Singapore, where she is conducting research for the IRASEC (Research Institute of Contemporary Southeast Asia,Bangkok) and is currently writing a book about political women in Singapore. She also gives lectures on the EU Foreign Policies and Trade Relationships with China, Faculty of Art and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore, Singapore.
She received her Ph.D. in Political Science, cum laude at the University of Pantheon-Assas, Paris and the Master of Political and Social Communication at the University of Sorbonne Paris I – Department of Political Science, Paris.

The thesis topic is the presence of female politicians within the French political lifeAn Analysis of the collective representations of women vs. reality.

Author of several milestone books and reviews about French women in politics such as Les femmes et la vie politique française, Collection Que sais-je ? Presses Universitaires de France, 2000 and L’Encyclopédie des femmes politiques sous la Vème République, Patrick Banon, 1996, she further studies in-depth these matters in Asia.

She has been, for over 15 years, lecturing, teaching and consulting in leading universities, schools of journalism and private institutions, primarily in political communication in Paris. Her field of research is in the area of Corporate and Public Communication Strategies, Critical Analysis of Media Press Releases and Crisis Communication Policies (University of Sorbonne, ISFJ and EICAR Schools of Journalism).

Registrations are free and open until 1st December.
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