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About the programme

This two-module webinar aims to promote the knowledge and practice of civil law in cross-border transactions in Asia. Leading academics and practitioners from France and Singapore will present at the webinar.  Similarities and differences between the contract law of the common law and the civil law traditions will be discussed.

[Module 1] Civil Law Concepts of Contract Law

Date & Time: 25 August 2020 — 3.00pm – 4.30pm
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After a brief introduction to the origins, history and propagation of the civil law of contract, particularly in Asia, we will look at how it is different from the common law: without a concept of consideration, offers with a deadline are binding; a more subjective approach affects the formation (ex: mistake, misrepresentation) and the interpretation of the contract; performance must be in good faith; remedies include specific performance (when possible) and penalty clauses which are allowed; and one can prove contracts by any means in commercial matters.

Professor Stéphane Braconnier, University Paris II Panthéon-Assas
Associate Professor Gary Bell, National University of Singapore

Mr Sriram Chakravarthi, Singapore Academy of Law

[Module 2] Treatment of Specific Civil Law Concepts in Cross-Border and Financial Transactions

Date & Time: 25 August 2020 — 5.00pm – 6.30pm
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This session aims to provide participants with insight into the convergences and divergences of common law and civil law, viewed from transactional and litigation angles. The session will include substantive discussion of the concept of trust, and of the termination of contractual relationships by outside causes (including force majeure, frustration and hardship clauses).

Mr Erwan Barre, RHTLaw Asia
Mr Salim Moollan QC, Essex Court Chambers

Mr Paul Tan, Rajah & Tann

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SILE Attendance Policy

CPD points: 1.0 per module

SILE Attendance Policy

Participants who wish to obtain CPD Points are reminded that they must comply strictly with the Attendance Policy set out in the CPD Guidelines. For this activity, this includes logging in at the start of the webinar and logging out at the conclusion of the webinar in the manner required by the organiser, and not being away from the entire activity for more than 15 minutes. Participants who do not comply with the Attendance Policy will not be able to obtain CPD Points for attending the activity. Please refer to http://www.sileCPDcentre.sg for more information.

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